30+ People Who Didn’t Quite Get The Response They Were Looking For, But OK, Here We Are

Ever told someone you loved them, and they didn’t say it back? Awkward right?

That’s what we call “sad cringe.”

Basically, an awkward or utterly embarrassing situation where you kinda want to laugh, but it’s just so relatable sad that you quietly cringe to yourself and thank the stars this didn’t happen to you.

Turns out here’s a whole online community where people share the best (meaning worst, I guess?) examples of “sad cringe” and because it’s our mission here at MemeSpace to find the best of what people are sharing and laughing at on the web, we’ve taken the time to put together this list of text message and other responses people clearly didn’t expect but hey, it be like that sometimes.

30+ Sad Cringey Responses People Didn’t See Coming

1. Poor Connor.

Someone not saying “I love you” back is painful enough, but to do it with emoji? Oof, size large.

2. Hey, silver lining, at least she’s thinking of you?


3. Yikers.


4. We’ve all been in a one-sided best-friendship.

5. But what if they’re really funny memes?

6. Poor Brandon (and Mike.)

7. If you love something, let it block you. If it doesn’t unblock you, it was never meant to be.

8. Why ya gotta be so cruel though?

9. I’ll take truth: “Why do you hate me?”


11. Basically every nightmare I had in college (and have had since.)


12. Oh man, best of luck…

13. And no one even commented “Sorry I forgot.”



16. No one cares about your oils.


18. So this isn’t Kim?


20. I ask and you give an answer. Not a good answer, but an answer.





25. What drinking game though?

26. 😬

The best part is that she replayed the Snap, just to double-check before she didn’t add him as a friend.

27. “And you can tell everybody, this is your song”


29. Come on, slow poke, let’s jerk it together.