Why Is Kevin James Trending On Pornhub And Twitter This Morning? Glad You Asked…

If you woke up to “Kevin James” trending on Twitter and wondered why, I’ve got some news for you, it’s because of Pornhub.

Or at least Pornhub’s “Insights” blog.

Kind of.

Since its “Insights” blog appeared on the scene a few years back, the analytics team over at Pornhub has released some pretty interesting facts and figures about, well, you know, it’s, umm…users.

From pandemic search trends, to how many people hop on to fap right after the Super Bowl, to maps showing the most viewed categories on the adult site…

Pornhub’s Insights blog recently shared its usage states during the Facebook/IG outage:

Trending on Twitter now is the following map of supposed top search categories in the United States:

You’ll notice a mostly innocuous and normal list of terms, but then take look at Montana, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Tennesee.

See something a little ‘off’ about those states? Twitter users did…

But, as is the case when something is popular on the Internet, people will often create fake and funny versions of it. I am here to report that this is one of those times.

It seems Twitter ‘Perpetual Meh’ is claiming to be the original creator of the ‘fake Pornhub map’, Tweeting:

Made using TweetPik | via @perpetualmeh

“Every few months my fake Pornhub map featuring Kevin James and Goth Hospital goes mega-viral and it reminds me that the original tweet got like 350 likes lol”

Sorry to burst your bubble, but yea, that’s why Kevin James was trending this morning.

Though, in fairness to those easily duped, I can totally see Montana being into Librarians.