“Hello, I’m…” — People Are Roasting The Most Ridiculous Movie Clichés In A Viral Twitter Thread

It’s not exactly shocking that movies and TV shows portray much more dramatic, romantic, and generally idealized versions of reality. After all, we turn to the screen to take a break from our boring lives, not relive them with 100% accuracy. (How fun would a detective movie be if it were just watching the main character attend sexual harassment training and file paperwork?

But the willing suspension of disbelief aside, there are some TV & Movie tropes that can get under your skin.

Recently, Author Tom Cox took to Twitter, resurfacing the “Hello, I am…” meme.


The meme, which has appeared in a number of threads since 2019, is pretty simple, it starts with “Hello, I am…” then lets the character speak in the first person about the annoyingly predictable thing about them. (Kind of like when your partner is mocking you in a fight, but in a high-pitched voice like that’s how you actually talk.)

Anyway, the Twitterati have been having fun with this one, so without further ado, here are the funniest and best responses to the thread.

“Hello. I Am” — Movie & TV Character Cliches People Hate

1. Do they just delete the old conversations every time they talk?

2. It couldn’t have been anything else.

3. What could a taxi ride cost, Michael? $1000?

4. “Don’t you die on me!”

5. Just wasting water over here.

6. Yea, what is she in a rent-controlled apartment or something?

7. All part of my plan.

8. Doh!

9. I’m just a professor of “life,” man.

10. Quitting work would be the first thing I’d do.

11. Just one more chance and I can prove myself!

12. Run out of paper or what?

13. “I’m in”

14. Remember to tip your bartender.

15. “And so this is why the Roman Empire fell…”

16. Someone’s gotta do it.

17. Ah, the life.

18. Robin Williams is in this one?

19. What a waste.

20. That’s not how it works.

21. One last job, then I’m out.

22. Poor mom.

23. Can I borrow a shirt?

24. Ah, the Clark Kent disguise.

25. What is it just marshmallows and a stalk of celery?

26. The glamour.

27. “Hey, FREEZE!”

28. What a view.

29. Don’t look at them, perv!

30. “Why is everyone freaking out?”

31. In fairness, this is basically the same thing as looking at your phone while driving.

32. Annnnnd, I’m dead.

33. You’ll just get in the way.

Did they miss any?